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New Hip Hop Dance Class!

Cheer Legendz provides classes throughout the entire year!  Our sessions are each 8 weeks long and meet once a week for 50 minutes.  Our classes work on perfecting current skills while learning and progressing through new skills. 


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Tumbling Classes:

Level 1 [ages 5-10 years]

  • Level 1 works on basic tumbling skills including: forward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, backward rolls, handstands, handstand forward rolls, bridges, back bends, back bend kick overs and back walkovers. This is for athletes, ages 5-10, that have never tumbled before or who have tumbled are within the age bracket and don’t have their back walkover yet.

Level 2 [ages 11-18, or younger who have back walkover]

  • Level 2 are for athletes who are within the age bracket and are new to tumbling, or for any age athlete that has their back walkover. Athletes in this class will work on Level 1 tumbling but will also work on their back handspring and round off back handspring. 

Level 3

  • Level 3 is for athletes that have mastered their standing back handspring by themselves as well as their round off back handspring. They will begin connecting their back handsprings, working on their punch fronts and begin working on round off back handspring back tucks.

Level 4

  • Level 4 is for athletes that have mastered their round off back handspring back tuck and are ready to work on standing back tucks and round off back handspring layouts.

Level 5

  • Level 5 is for athletes that have mastered their standing back tuck and their round off back handspring layout and are ready to work on full twists and doubles (running and standing).


FAQ’s About Classes

  • My athlete doesn’t cheer at Cheer Legendz and we’ve never been there before – can we still do classes?
    • Not a problem! You do not have to be on one of our competitive teams in order to participate in our classes. All we would need is a consent form on file before your athlete participates in class.
  • We are interested in participating in the class, but the session has already started. Must we wait until next session to begin?
    • We have open enrollment until space fills! It doesn’t matter what week you start as long as we have space in the class.  The cost of the class is prorated based upon the week you begin.
  • I’m sure my athlete will enjoy the class, but I want to make sure before I pay for the session. What is my option?
    • If you’ve never done a tumbling class with Cheer Legendz before, your first class can be a trial class. With a consent form on file, your athlete can try out the class and decide if they want to continue.  Call us to schedule your trial class!
  • Is a uniform for classes?
    • We have a variety of Cheer Legendz shirts & shorts in our pro shop that are great for classes, but are not required.   All you need is a comfortable shirt, shorts & athletic shoes.  We tumble in shoes ~ cheerleading style!

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