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Something that happened really touched me today and made me realize Fernando is truly not only a one of a kind person but also the most driven and amazing coach. He went above and beyond to take his own time to recommend me for a job. I dont know any other coach that would be so happy to take their own time to make someone look so good. The fact that he was proud of me made me smile even more. It made me realize that in every sense, Fernando has been the main person to change my life over the past 4 years. No, seriously, when I think about it, he is someone I will always remember. Since I started Legendz, Ive wondered how I even got the courage to try out for that first season... and Im sure he wonders too.... I was an awful dancer, I'll admit it; but Fernando was the one to give me a chance. It is because of him I am where I am today, I have the memories that I do, and I have all the friends that turned into family. It helped me realize that that one chance is sometimes all that people need to succeed in their lives, and I was lucky to have Fernando give me mine. Legendz is not only a hobby to me anymore, it's my whole entire life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Fernando is the one person in the gym who truly practices the motto of all us catz being family. He treats every single one of the athletes like they are his own children. I wrote this today to let him know that he's changed at least one person's life with all that he does. And things like that should never go unnoticed. So thank you Fernando, you are not only a great coach but a role model. Your support means the world to me and more, thank you for all you have done. Happy Birthday. :)

--Paige [Saberz]

Cheerleading isn't even recognized as a sport so why do kids and parents pour their hearts and souls into it? What do they hope to get out of it? What is the payoff?
I've heard Anthony say many times "if you're hoping that this sport is going to pay for your kid's college, you're better off saving your money". The simple truth is that it is extremely unlikely that all star cheerleading will pay for your kid's college.
People in this sport are in it because they love it - the practices, the trips, the successes, the failures, the team and the family. We love it, we live for it, we breath it.
For most of these kids, their school friends and extended family will never see them perform. The only people who know how amazingly talented they are are their parents and their teammates. They will never have the glory of hearing the roar of their entire high school cheering for them on the sidelines. They will never have the admiration of their teachers. Their closest friends will never witness their talent. Most of the people in their lives - kids and adults alike - will have absolutely no idea what all star cheerleading even is.
The purpose of the sport isn't for the fame or the recognition. It isn't for hopes of being the high school basketball star or the popular kid in school. It's about one thing and one thing alone - love of the sport, love of the friends and the family that are made on the long road to the Cheerleading Worlds. Where only WE care about the results.
~Perspective of a Pumaz Parent who is an Original Legend from the 2008-2009 Season

ur own Kristi Estrada of Saberz in an Action Moments ad in All-Star Cheer Magazine, April 2009

  Our own Courney Schulze of Pumaz (2008-2009) is featured in this 2009 WSF ad.

  Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Mary (belongs to Julia of Tigerz & Francesca of Saberz), Tina (belongs to Adriene of Tigerz & Bearcatz) and Jennine (belongs to Lexi of Tigerz & Cheetahz).

Taylor's Scorpion

About Coach Fernando, from an Original Legend, Sydney, Age 15
It’s not easy mastering tumbling skills that are very difficult, but with my cheerleading coach Fernando, I know he can each me anything. I have been cheering for two years, and this would have been my third season. I have been working with Fernando since last March, but it feels like it’s been five years. Fernando deserves to be celebrated because he is a caring and supportive person. He also has a very big heart and is kind
I walk into the cheerleading gym just like any other day. I sat down to stretch, and got up to walk to the back of the gym and warm up my tumbling. My tumbling was not going good at all that day. I got very frustrated and when I get frustrated I cry. I was frustrated because I wanted by tumbling skills so bad so I could be on a higher cheerleading squad.  Fernando pulled me aside from my private lesson and we talked. He told me that he felt what I was going through and he really wanted this for me. Fernando also told me sometimes in order to get something you want you might have to go back. He told me that he had a car a long time ago, and that’s all he had, then one day his car broke down and he had nothing left. He would have to ride his bike or take the bus everywhere he went, he had to start all over, and he worked his hardest, now he has a car, a house, a girlfriend, and a job he loves. Fernando told me in order to be where I want to be in cheerleading I may have to take s stop back.  I listened to what Fernando said and instead of not getting the tumbling skills I needed to be on a higher squad I decided to focus on my tumbling and take a year off, it was a really hard choice for me, but I know listening to Fernando’s story really helped and so far my tumbling has improved a lot.
I took the summer off to focus on my tumbling to be on a higher cheerleading team that had been on previous years. It was August 12th 2008 the day I decided to try out. I was extremely nervous because I didn’t have the skills I needed to be on the squad I really wanted to be on. I did not make the squad I was striving for. I was extremely upset. I couldn’t really keep myself together and just fell apart. I could not breathe or see I was crying so much. Fernando call me over to where he was sitting, he stood up, and hugged me for a long time, he told me he was sorry for what happened and told me he has faith in me that I could or can do anything. That really meant a lot to me that someone is there for me and believes in me.
One day I walked into the cheerleading gym ready to work and tumble like no other! I sat down on the blue mat and stretched to get ready for my private lesson with Fernando. We went back to the trampoline to warm up my backhand springs like we always do.   After I do my backhand springs I warm up my backhand spring tucks. I usually get scared to do my skills by myself, and I am always begging Fernando to stand there. I was feeling great this day, I told him he didn’t need to stand there and I just threw my backhand spring tuck over, and over again. Then I asked Fernando if I could work on my standing back tucks. Fernando said yes, so I did few on the trampoline and then moved to this big blue squishy mat at the end of the trampoline, there was also a red mat over the blue one. The blue mat is pretty much as hard as the cheerleading spring floor. I threw my standing back tuck so many times by myself. Fernando was proud of me. He kept asking me who I talked to or what I ate, or what I did to be able to do this! It felt really awesome to know someone was so proud and happy for me. After my private lesson was over he gave me a huge hug, and told me he was very happy for me. 
Fernando is a very caring, supportive person with a huge heart and is kind. Fernando understand people’s situations, and is always patient to listen to them also. He also will help someone with trying to get them on a higher cheerleading squad and pushing athletes to their fullest. Fernando shows how happy and proud hi is for me when I accomplish new skills just like they’re his own. I believe Fernando has changed me as an athlete and person, and I am very lucky to have him as my cheerleading coach.
Sydney N., Original Legend, Age 15


April & Erica at Lake Ontario, New York with their Legendz "L's"

About Coach Anthony from an Original Legend & Puma, Age 17:

    Ten years ago my mom signed me up for competitive cheerleading so that I would have an outlet for all of my supposedly “excessive” energy.  Little did she know that the sport I soon grew to love so much would leave such a lasting influence on me.  However, it wasn’t only the sport that made my experience so memorable and influential, but also the person who led me, Anthony Best.  He’s funny, nice, and outgoing, to say the least.  He was my head coach and one of my best friends, and I attribute much of who I am today to him.

    Anthony was my biggest fan throughout my cheerleading career.  He was the guy that you could see from a mile away simply because of how high he jumped and how loud he screamed when we were competing.  I’ve carried that spirit with me and don’t plan to stop.  It influenced me beyond what words can describe.  That spirit and compassion not only appears in cheerleading for me now, but within everything I do.  I apply that to my friendships, my studies, and any challenges life decides to throw me. 

    He earned my respect in so many ways.  By bringing the team together, Anthony created a family environment that encouraged me to build trust, friendships, and memories.  All while pushing us to achieve our absolute best.  Through this I realized that cheerleading was me, and it allowed me to develop a sense of who I am.  Anthony was there to foster that growth with a positive, fun, and hardworking environment.  I see those characteristics in me now.  I always take things with a positive attitude--it might be the first thing people even notice about me.  In fact, the only way I know how to work is hard; there’s no point in not doing your best.  I enjoy knowing what I can create with that hard work, and I love realizing the endless possibilities that can be attained with it.  Without Anthony, I may not have learned this work ethic that I attempt to reach everyday.

    He taught me perseverance and how to learn from my mistakes.  He taught me how to set goals and how to go about reaching them. Now, I can utilize that in my every day life.  Because of Anthony, I strive for my absolute best.  I don’t enjoy settling for average or mediocre results.  I will try again and again until I get what I’m trying for.  I learn from each of those mistakes I may make and apply them to my next attempt.  He encouraged me to believe in myself so much more than I knew was possible.  He showed me how to achieve self confidence and not cockiness and how to create a successful life simply by being himself and my coach.

    How Anthony has influenced me is beyond belief.  Each of these influences carries over to every other aspect of my life.  Having him as my coach has prepared me for life.  I now know how to work as team, persevere, set goals, work hard, and believe in myself while doing so.  With the lessons he has taught me I have no doubt that I will be successful in my life.  He has shown me so many lessons and helpful hints for along the way.  I am honored that I got the chance to be coached by this influential man, and I will never forget him or the lessons he taught me.  Anthony Best has shaped who I was, who I am, and who I will one day be.
Brooke W., an Original Legend & Puma, age 17

Maddie S.A., Age 9

 Bearcatz with an attitude!!!

 Jelani, Saberz Art, Age 17

 Alex & Britt (Beach Legendz & Back Tucks in Florida.....)

    KatieBug & her dog Legendz  

I joined Cheer Legendz their second year running and i will continue at legendz till i go to college. After a while being here you notice that it becomes less of a team and more of a family, i've met soo many people in this sport and have grown a bond with my team mates and coaches. Cheer Legendz has pretty much been my best experience yet and i cant wait for the next years to come. 

Cheers, allison k.

Christina, Jordan, Mandi, Courtney & Ashley at Disney during Worlds 2008

 Kyle Massey (Cory in the House) gets to meet 2 living Legendz! (Christina & Jordan)

World Class Catz Jelani, Courtney, Emmanuel, & Kara